Woolleegreen on the road from Ronda

Woolleegreen has been in Ronda in southern Spain. The name ‘Ronda’ in Spanish means ‘surrounded by’. This town is surrounded by mountains. The bridge you see is 98 metres high and joins the new town with the old.

Now Woolleegreen is on the road because soon it is time to leave. Here he is looking over the sparkling blue green water of the Gaitanejo Dam.


Woolleegreen visits the white villages

Woolleegreen Sheep is now touring the white villages in the south of Spain. They are all villages that are very old and have very narrow streets that cars drive through slowly.

Here is Mr Allison showing how narrow the street is.

Here is one van coming through very slowly.

Here you can see the town of Arcos de la Frontera up on the hill. It was built up on the hill so that the people who lived there could see anyone coming to their town.

This is another white village we saw on the way to Arcos. It’s called Grazalema. Ask Mrs Jones to show you on a map.

Woolleegreen in Capileira.

Woolleegreen Sheep is visiting Capileira, a small village in the Alpujarra mountains in southern Spain. You can only reach this village and others in the region by travelling along very windy roads. This village and others in the area are well known because the buildings are all painted white. There are many paths or caminos you can walk along to reach each village.

We took a walk to Bubión yesterday and today another walk toward Pampaniera. The caminos or tracks have signs to guide you.

This track had many old buildings that are now not used. Can you see Woolleegreen?

Woollee enjoyed the walking because he got to see some sheep grazing on the hill side.

But most of all he liked the walk because he didn’t have to walk at all!!

Woolleegreen visits Segovia

On Sunday Woolleegreen Sheep went for a short day trip on the train from Madrid to Segovia. The trip took 30 minutes because it was a very fast train!


How fast is the train travelling? It’s lucky Woolleegreen does not get travel sickness!

Here is Woolleegreen admiring the HUGE aquaduct built by the Roman people when they lived there. Can you work out what the aqueduct was used for? It was very important. Woollee will give you a little hint- the name gives you a clue.

When the aqueduct was built the Roman people did not have special machines to help them. They made wooden frames to build the arches around and support them.

Segovia has an ancient wall which was built to protect the city, which stands on a hill, just like Toledo. In this photo you can see a tower of the fortress. The fortress is also known as The Alcázar. The Spanish flag is flying. What colours are in the Spanish flag?


Woolleegreen in Toledo.

Woolleegreen Sheep has been in Toledo for a few days. It has been very hot here, like Summer in Australia, but here in Spain it is Autumn. Woolleegreen does not go out in the sun very much.

Toledo is on a hill and Mr and Mrs Allison pulled their suitcases up to their apartment. Can you see the large building with three towers in the photo? That is where the apartment is! Lucky Woolleegreen got a lift in the backpack!

The City is very old and has a high stone wall around the outside. Can you guess why it was built on a hill with a tall stone wall?

Here is a night photo of the building you saw in the previous photo. It is called the Alcázar and is a fortress. This photo was taken from our patio.

Woolleegreen in San Sebastián

Today the Woolleegreen Sheep decided to take a big walk around San Sebastián. It is a beach area on the Atlantic coast of Spain. Perhaps Mrs Jones can show you on a map.

IMG_2410Oops! Woolleegreen wants you to know he didn’t go for a big walk…he went for a big carry! Here he is in Mrs Allison’s pack with his friend Totoro.

Woolleegreen Sheep loved the warm sun and the clear water…even though he doesn’t like swimming very much. In one photo you can see a tiny island in the Kontxa Bay. Many people come here in the warm weather for a holiday, just like Rosebud in Summer!

IMG_2389When he stopped for lunch a little bird flew over and hoped for some crumbs.

Woolleegreen Sheep visits the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona.

Today Woolleegreen visited the Chocolate Museum. First you had to scan your barcode on your little chocolate block to get in.

IMG_2324There was information about where chocolate comes from and how it is made into the chocolate we eat. There were many large objects made from chocolate.

IMG_2320Here is Lionel Messi, the famous football player. Where is Woolleegreen?

Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast.

The movie Up! and also Chicken Little.


Here is a chocolate model of the most famous cathedral still being built in Barcelona. It is called La Sagrada Familia which means ‘Holy Family’. I wonder what happened to the top of the chocolate spire on the right?

Asterix and Obelix also were there. After all that walking around Woolleegreen needed a hot chocolate to drink! Yum.